Power Stones

Power Stones

There's something magical about attracting a stone and infusing it with your energy and at the same time, receiving it's power. 

Here at Bead Unique we are going to focus on the stones that give you a sense of power. We are offering a " Wine, Women and Power Stones" class on Wednesday July 25th at 5:30 PM. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Join Jewel Ray Chaudhuri, Ph,D. for a fun evening of fun, comfortable conversation and insight. In this workshop you will gain tips for reducing stress, becoming more centered and balanced, and reducing the negative beliefs that might be holding you back from your sense of power and strength. We'll practice body postures that will up your confidence and power "mojo" in any situation. You'll also be working with your own power stone(s) and infusing them with your energy.

 Here's a little teaser on one of the stones that we will be learning about:


Called the ‘stone of courage’ and the 'stone of truth’, Amazonite is an impeccable stone for developing self-empowerment. As bold and fearless as the Amazonian warrior women, this stunning crystal holds the power and strength, yet gentle ease of water.

Amazonite empowers one to search within and discover one’s personal integrity, providing harmony and balance to the emotional body. Encouraging the shift beyond fear of judgment, confrontation and conflict, imparting the sense that one need not defend one’s values and beliefs to others who may oppose them, Amazonite nurtures freedom of expression. By soothing the spirit, calming the soul and tempering aggression, Amazonite boldly, yet rationally teaches one where boundaries are needed in order to foster and maintain healthy relationships and stabilise a secure sense of self-discipline.

Amazonite is a crystal for both the Heart and the Throat Chakras, bringing forth one’s genuine and heartfelt resonance in honesty and sincere expression. Aligning one’s energy within personal truths and facilitating channels of clear communication, Amazonite supports the activation of one’s Divine will.

Digging deep into one’s power centre and fostering a true sense of courage, Amazonite infuses a dynamic sense of strength within one’s entire being.

As a stone of prosperity, Amazonite wards of those who may wish to take advantage of one’s nature. Reputed to favour luck in competition and financial matters, Amazonite attracts opportunities for one to be in the right place at the right time.

Jul 18th 2018

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